"This is quite likable! It has some subversive element to it that’s for sure - playing word games with boobs (dummies) and bust (as in sculpture),perhaps?  But what I really like is the suggestion —for me—- that women have been so absent in the image of President… to put such a uniquely female symbol front and center (as it were) on the face of male power, is really strong… I am moved by her fanciful play on …well boobs on presidents!" -Malia (Oct 7 2012)

"I love these! And I love all your haters. This is in the true spirit of punk (for the low-brow)…or DADA (for you art nerdz). The trickster spirit is alive! Thank you Emily Deutchman for making us smile. R. Mutt – step aside!" - Kara ( Aug 15 2012)

"Less than mediocre concept? American society, especially as of late, is in large part shaped by the trillions of dollars spent by our government. For whole industries and millions of people, the government teat has become an essential part of everyday life. Each U.S. President has put his signature on spending bills passed by Congress, and these portraits depict their actions wonderfully. Well done!" -Spencer ( 24 2012)

"Lame? Stupid? Mediocre? What is wrong with you Dennis? What is wrong with you Kathleen? You both sound like you’re about as old and boobish as the men in the portraits. This is refreshing! Not to mention hilariously perverted. This is what I’d like to spend my time looking at. As for a concept.. it is brilliant! I can’t wait to see the rest."- Melissa ( 13 2012)

"Really stupid…and less than mediocre concept and paintings…not worth the time."- Kathleen ( 13 2012)

"This is lame, uneducated, childish, cultural terrorism. I equate this to a cartoon for stoned college students." -Dennis (Aug 13 2012)